As I wait

The cd is busy burning and I have a few minutes to kill before I should really get to bed, last night Johan’s coffee kept me up all night, which hasn’t happened in a while. But as I sit here and wait, I realized I never updated on what happened when I went back to Holland. I guess I never will now either. It’s in my memory, and sometimes I wish it wasn’t but I do also realize, that as life passes you by, you should hold on to the good things and let go of the bad stuff.

It’s Carmen’s wedding tomorrow! It’s strange to look back and realize how I wasn’t even sure if I would be here for this. It feels at times as if I am living my life ‘on hold’ , waiting for something BIG. My one constant truth and what keeps me going is my Faith, especially valid this weekend! Knowing that Jesus died for my sins, so that I can have life. I live it for Him. John 3:16

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