JOB taught me

There are people all around me sacrificing for God, there are sermons and testimony’s that I listen to about how God reveal the ‘idols’ in your life that keep you from getting to know Him.


I feel it in my spirit that God is working in my heart and I will soon be asked to give something up for Him. This is not a punishment, this is an answer to my prayer, to be closer to my creator. The only way that this is going to happen, is if I willingly lay down my life, my possessions, my dreams, my own ambitions at the foot of the cross.


I know this isn’t going to be easy, I know that whatever God is going to ask of me will make me search for other answers. What I pray now is that He will give me the wisdom to know when it is Him speaking to me and that I will have the strength to follow Him anywhere, with absolutely no comforts around me. Ultimately what I want is to be so dependant on His mercy that nothing else will satisfy me.


I shudder to think of all the times I chose to stay in the boat. How terrifying it is to step out onto the water and how overwhelming to think that God actually has faith in US to walk on water.

No, we can never surprise God by our actions, we can’t get any closer to Him by our deeds but we can discover His heart by believing in ourselves the way that He does.


I made a promise when I was very young that if God chooses to use me I will follow. As Ps At Boshoff always says, God believes us when we make promises like this. He doesn’t think twice about whether or not we will keep to our word. He just believes us and He will act on it. That promise I made I am sure God still believes in and I want to follow God anywhere He chooses to send me, but honestly it’s no sunshine and roses.


Job is a book in the old testament that people usually refer to when they talk about suffering and pain. Poor Job, he had to go through so much. I never actually read the whole book before but since I had so much time on my hands I started reading. It took me probably 3 days to finish it. There is a lot in there to make sense of.


Job was his name, Uz was his town. He had integrity which means he kept to his word. He feared God and evil was nowhere near him. He was decent, a guy that is hard to come by these days. He had influence. His children (7 sons and 3 daughters) liked to party all the time. Even if it was innocent, Job made sure that their lives were right with God, he offered sacrifices for them all the time. He fought for them. Job definitely knew something that they didn’t yet.


Now get this, Satan came to stand in front of God and God ‘brags’ about Job!!!!

Typical Satan, he challenges God, to even the playing field (coz he cant do anything that God doesn’t allow) and so God willingly lets Satan mess with Job, (WAIT WHAT?!) yet God said that Job’s life was out of bounds. The challenge, to get Job to curse God. I can just imagine God sitting there saying ‘Challenge Accepted’


See God has faith in us. He believes in us, he knows us. He will bet on us.


Four MAJOR calamities came over Job, including loosing his 10 children!! Naturally we’d think he would curse God at this point, but what did he do, he WORSHIPED God, not while smiling and happy and jumping up and down, he was distraught but he still worshiped God. Worship = an expression of reverence to a deity. In your face Satan!


So, whilst complaining, Satan had to go back and challenge God again, God gave him the right to attack Job again, but his life was still out of bounds. Such a sore looser.


So Job is sitting on his ash heap now, his wife trying to convince him to curse God and his friends telling him to stop complaining. I would have complained, wait, I do complain. To be continued…


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