Melissa en Henri du Plooy

So I fly to George on the Wednesday already. I get there and the sun shines just to have the clouds come in a few hours later and it starts pouring down with rain. But that doesn’t damper Melissa’s mood. She is very organized, thanks to the help of her best friend Lindi-Lee but she also has this amazing ‘assurance’ almost that everything will work out, even if it is just her and Henri at the altar on Saturday!

We praised our Father throughout the week, God even revealed a little about His pleasure in this union. He was binding them together and I just know that they are now even stronger in their bond with each other and with Him! She was and is His Bride and Henri’s bride on Saturday. It is a beautiful love and God is in all of it!

Saturday went without a glitch, nothing could stop this marriage from taking place and the guests were all blessed for blessing them. The celebration was 1st class, the venue looked vintage with so many different details and the people they love that were there just danced the night away.

It is just the beginning for the two of them and the journey started there, at the church, with all the blubbering from both the groom and the bride with words like “I thee wear it’ and “you take this ring’ but in the end they both said I DO (at the right place) and sealed it with a kiss!

God bless you Melissa and Henri. Thank you for including me in this phenomenal experience where God was and IS the centre!

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